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Meet Abbey Akinlade, Imperium Elite’s Selfless Ray of Light

Originally from Nigeria, Abbey Akinlade joined the Imperium Elite team in December of 2019, after moving to the states at the age of fifteen. Now twenty-four, Akinlade remarks on how her career goals have changed over time, leading her to our Houston-based business. “I once dreamt of becoming a politician, searching for the perfect outlet for my depth of compassion and consideration. After graduating from college, I joined the Army, further driven by my desire to serve others. I had no idea I would end up in the sales and marketing industry,” says Akinlade, “but now that I can see the full picture, I’m not surprised at all, because I’ve always loved a challenge and I thrive in a position where I can help others.” Driven by a desire to take the initiative, Abbey Akinlade began to use her dependability and will to succeed as her greatest asset.

When she’s not crushing goals in the office, Abbey can be found pursuing her greatest passion, art. “I love being artistic, and I am a natural introvert,” says Akinlade, “but I’ve always been a competitive person. I played soccer as a kid, which helped develop my decision-making skills, responsibility, and perseverance. I have found it difficult to remember that everyone in the industry and beyond has different motivations and goals. There is no wrong or right when it comes to your ‘why.’ However, as long as we all share similar values and good synergy, we can hit our goals together.”

Even with a rock-solid sense of drive and positivity, business leaders can be discouraged, especially in 2020. How has Akinlade’s forward momentum been affected by a pandemic? “It’s very unfortunate that I haven’t been able to interact with my customers face to face,” says Akinlade, “however, I can see the silver lining. In some ways, it has been a blessing in disguise for me. It’s given me the privilege of time; time to develop myself and spend time with my family. I’m looking forward to the rest of 2020; there are so many opportunities to come this year and I’m ready to take advantage of those opportunities.”

Abbey Akinlade has seen such growth since her first day with Imperium Elite, and she is sure to continue rising. “I was able to start in an entry-level position and work my way up,” says Akinlade, “this is an incredible industry where people help each other grow.” In the next five years, the business leader’s only goal is to continue providing opportunities to others.

Her unrelenting selflessness, positive attitude, and work ethic are only some of the reasons why our Imperium Elite team loves Abbey Akinlade. We are proud to work alongside her today, tomorrow, and for years to come and wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for being a shining light throughout such a dark time.


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