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Meet Our Wunderkind, Reece Kirpaul




  1. a person who achieves great success when relatively young.

Imperium Elite has a wunderkind in our office! Meet Reece Kirpaul, who at the ripe age of twenty-one, has already made a name for himself as an all-star entrepreneur. An Account Manager today, Kirpaul first joined the Imperium Elite team in May of 2020, a rough time to enter any career. Despite challenges in the world around him, Reece Kirpaul kept his eye on the prize and pushed through dark times to come out on top.

Originally from Trinidad, Kirpaul spent his younger years bouncing between his birth country and the United States. As a child bouncing between borders, it’s no surprise that young Reece dreamt of becoming an airline pilot! After graduating from high school, Kirpaul got straight to work. “I was working full-time and taking classes as a full-time college student,” says Kirpaul, “the experience made me more independent as a young person. I learned how to stand on my own, how to balance my time, and how to maneuver the adult world.”

Sometimes life’s lemons are too sour to find the good, and for Reece Kirpaul, that unfortunate reality hit for him far too young when he lost his mother. “My mother impacted my life greatly,” says Kirpaul, “she taught me to always care about something or someone. If you don’t care about anything, then you’ll never be truly driven. It’s been hard without my mom. I also was born and grew up for a period of my life in what is considered to be a third world country. There were times that I was not awarded the same opportunity that others may have received but I believe that has only lit a fire inside me to keep working hard and pushing myself not only to make my family proud but to make myself proud.”

Upon entering the adult world, it didn’t take long for Reece Kirpaul to cement himself in the industry as a true businessman. “I am definitely going to be in the business industry for the long haul. I don’t see myself working for an employer for the rest of my life,” says Kirpaul, “I have been promoted once already since starting at Imperium Elite, and I plan to go all the way to the top. My mental strength and work ethic have grown exponentially.”

“My favorite thing about Imperium Elite is the way you immediately feel like part of the team from the moment you step into our office space. We have a very welcoming atmosphere to anyone we meet. What initially caught my eye about Imperium Elite is when I was on the job hunt, I was looking to find face-to-face sales experience in order to expand my resume. I applied to many different companies and whilst I was looking through the websites, I saw Imperium Elite. The level of detail that went into the making of the website definitely caught my eye. I was very impressed by the look of it all as well as the information the site shared. When it came time for the interview, the website had already answered most of my questions.”

When looking at such a young, successful entrepreneur, it’s easy to reach for ‘luck.’ But in the case of Reece Kirpaul, luck had nothing to do with it. Kirpaul made it this far through hard work, determination, and drive.

“I would call myself a planner,” says Kirpaul, “I like to have an idea of what my next step is and how to proceed. My short-term goals include becoming consistent at training new hires and being able to transfer knowledge to them efficiently and effectively. My personal short-term goals include buying a new vehicle and moving into a new place of living. My long-term goals include building an organization where I can help others become the best versions of themselves. My personal long-term goals include allowing my dad to retire without having to worry about money and to provide the best possible life for my current and future family.”

Reece Kirpaul stands as an inspiration to young leaders everywhere. Anyone who ever dreamt of making millions, running their own business, or leading a team of people, can look to entrepreneurs like Kirpaul as a roadmap—and he has the advice to back it up…

“Advice that I would give to someone who is ready to jumpstart their career is to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and have a great student mentality. When you are always willing to learn and grow as a person, there is no possibility of losing. I would recommend this career path for a young leader based on the evidence of my own growth and development I’ve seen within myself since starting this job at Imperium Elite. To be honest, the person I was a year ago and the person I am today are two different people. The level of development that my company provides, in my eyes, is unmatched by anything that I have come across thus far.”

Reece, thank you so much for every ounce of hard-work and elbow grease you’ve put into making Imperium Elite better. We’re often asked, “what do you look for in a new hire?” Our answer is simple, we look for leaders like him.

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