All About Our Star Recruiter, Kelly Goudeau

Teamwork and camaraderie are the foundation of our business here at Imperium Elite. By leaning on one another and acting like one unit, we consistently build upon our successes and inch closer to our long-long terms. However, when we think of who is at the core of our growth and who is the reason for our continuous upward trajectory, it’s those within our Human Resources Department. 

Although she only recently joined our team this year, Kelly Goudeau is already making a positive impact. She’s helped us grow our team considerably over the past month and has utilized her transactional/motivational leadership style to inspire her colleagues. We can hardly wait to see all she achieves in her role, and to honor her achievements thus far, we thought it pertinent to shine a spotlight on her with a Q&A session!

A native of Houston, TX, more specifically, the town of Kingwood, Kelly grew up with dreams of being an OBGYN. However, once she left school and entered the workforce, she quickly realized that the health industry wasn’t where she was meant to be.

“After high school, I went to the University of Texas at San Antonio on a track scholarship. I ran track there for two years until I decided that I wanted to move back home. I then transferred to the University of Houston, where I continued my track career and studied Health Promotion. After graduation, I soon realized that the health industry was not for me, so I became a flight attendant to experience new places and see what the world had to offer. Becoming a flight attendant gave me the chance to evaluate the world outside of college. It also gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my career path.”

We learn through our experiences and are thrilled that Kelly’s professional journey led her to our doors. At 27 years old, she’s had quite a bit of career experience, and it is incredibly beneficial to have someone so seasoned in her systems and habits heading up our recruiting! As we mentioned, our Recruiter controls the rate of our company’s growth, and we know we are in good hands with Kelly taking the reins.

Kelly, to start, we want to discuss what drew you to Imperium Elite. Can you please explain why you were interested in working with us?

What drew me to Imperium Elite was the opportunity for advancement, the training, and the culture. I was already sold on the company when I heard about the camaraderie in the office; however, when I was given information about the training structure and room for growth, that sealed the deal.

Every member of our team is given plenty of growth opportunities. It’s great to see how much you value that!

As someone just recently searching for a job, what advice do you have for those who are kick-starting their careers and working through the application process?

The best advice I can give is to research the career field that you are interested in but also find someone that is already in that field. The more you know about the field, the better idea you’ll have about whether or not you feel it will be a good fit for you. Aside from that, just go for it! You never know how successful you can be in a new career field until you try it, put your mind to it, and give it your all.

Such great advice! Now, let’s focus on you. What would you say is your greatest skill?

I would say my greatest skill is time management. I use a lot of calendars, to-do lists, and spreadsheets that keep me organized, and in doing so, I am able to keep not only myself but others on task.

Time management is essential to your recruiting role, and your skill has been unmatched these past few weeks.

What values do you look for in a teammate?

The values that are important to me in a teammate are reliability and empathy. I feel that you need to be able to empathize with your teammates and realize that not everyone thinks or works the same way. Being able to empathize with your teammates helps you to understand them better and work effectively. In turn, reliability is also an important trait in terms of trust. I desire to have teammates that I trust enough to get the job done and who are reliable.

Are you more team or independently-oriented?

Coming from a sports background, I would say I am team-oriented. However, I do have the motivation to push myself. Having been a track and field athlete, which is both a team and individual sport, I was able to gain both attributes.

At Imperium Elite, we love working with individuals with a sports background because they are highly multi-faceted and adaptable! We’ve already touched on your leadership style. Can you explain it to us in more detail?

As an athlete, I performed the best when I was shown a good example, and that inspired me to do the same. That being said, I’ve used what was effective to mold my leadership style. I am always focused on the goal and what needs to be done but motivating others along the way helps make this possible.

On the other side of things, how do you handle criticism? 

I do not take criticism as an insult but rather as an opportunity for improvement. I like to evaluate what is being said and apply it.

How has your career grown since starting with us?

In my short time here at Imperium Elite, I’ve not only gained the knowledge to be a good recruiter, but I’ve also applied that knowledge and built rapport with candidates to get them in and excited about Imperium Elite.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all personally and professionally. How did it alter your career?

I started a brand new career in real estate when COVID-19 was on the rise. That said, I went through ups and downs in the business and decided to use my skills and experiences to determine what I wanted to pursue. From there, I realized that I enjoyed the sales and administrative aspects of the job and determined I wanted to pursue something in recruiting and human resource administration. That brings me to where I am today. I’m looking forward to learning and growing in my new career path this year.

While challenging for you, we’re delighted with where this hiccup in your journey led you!

Would you recommend our career style to young leaders?

I would definitely recommend this career style to young leaders. You never know what you are capable of until you are put into a position to lead others. The business field offers so many opportunities that are limitless.

Yes! Your opportunities are limitless! Speaking of, what goals have you set for yourself?

My short-term goal is to learn the ins and outs of being a successful recruiter and hitting my weekly metrics consistently. My long-term goal is to be a top recruiter, training other recruiters.

You are always thinking of others; this quality will make you a great recruiter! 

How do you measure your performance and success?

I measure performance and success on different scales. To me, performance can be measured. However, success cannot. I can create goals and performance metrics to hit that will give me a clear picture of how well I am performing. When it comes to success, there is no cut-and-dry measurement. I feel that I am successful when I am not only achieving my goals but also mentally, physically, and emotionally happy and stable.

A moment for this outstanding self-care advice!

To date, what has been your greatest achievement?

I feel that my greatest accomplishment so far has been my ability to trust my faith to guide me in my decision-making. Whether that is professionally or personally, I have struggled with this in the past, and I finally feel that I have been consistent in trusting my faith.

Share a lesson you’ve been taught by someone close to you.

The biggest lesson I received came from my father. He raised me to treat people with kindness regardless of how they treat me. This can be difficult to do when someone is acting poorly towards you. However, I have used this mindset throughout my life. In doing so, I feel that the image I have created for myself is positive.

Kelly, you’ve only been with us a short while, but you’ve already shown us your true colors. You are someone who cares greatly about your career but is equally dedicated to helping others reach the peak of their careers as well. You are not afraid of hard work and are committed to continuously sharpening your skills. We noted all of this throughout your interview process, and we are delighted that others now know a bit more about you, your background, and your goals! Thank you for all you do, and here’s to growing over the months to come!!

“My biggest inspiration is not one person in particular but more so the various stories I’ve heard from people that have come from little to nothing but have built careers for themself bigger than they would have imagined. This inspires me to want to do the same. Although they may not have had a clear picture or example of what success looks like, having the drive and motivation to achieve it is inspiring.”

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