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Meet Our Wunderkind, Reece Kirpaul

wun·der·kind /ˈwo͝ondərˌkind/ noun a person who achieves great success when relatively young. Imperium Elite has a wunderkind in our office! Meet Reece Kirpaul, who at the ripe age of twenty-one, has already made a name for himself as an all-star entrepreneur. An Account Manager today, Kirpaul first joined the Imperium Elite team in May of… Continue reading Meet Our Wunderkind, Reece Kirpaul

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Meet Abbey Akinlade, Imperium Elite’s Selfless Ray of Light

Originally from Nigeria, Abbey Akinlade joined the Imperium Elite team in December of 2019, after moving to the states at the age of fifteen. Now twenty-four, Akinlade remarks on how her career goals have changed over time, leading her to our Houston-based business. "I once dreamt of becoming a politician, searching for the perfect outlet… Continue reading Meet Abbey Akinlade, Imperium Elite’s Selfless Ray of Light

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Imperium Elite Reviews

If you were to ask us “What defines Imperium Elite?” we could easily say that our company culture is of the utmost importance to us. You can’t have a successful business with a team that doesn’t feel recognized and lacks unity.  "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to… Continue reading Imperium Elite Reviews

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Unleash Your Champion Mindset

By Jamelle Sanders Everybody is claiming to be an expert these days. While I am not against the idea of being an expert, I have grown more skeptical of the term over the years. I have worked hard to establish myself as an authority. More importantly, I have devoted my life to being world-class at everything… Continue reading Unleash Your Champion Mindset