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Built Through Battles: Pete Costello’s Story

Imperium Elite’s own Pete Costello is sharing his top business tips with the world and retelling the story of his success. The Account Manager was born on Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany, a few steps away from Texas, and remembers those years of travel as highly influential. “Being an Air Force Brat, I lived in six different states and two countries,” says Costello, “I call Tampa home and try to go back whenever I can. Having to move every two years was a challenge for me, but with that experience, I learned to build new relationships. I was lucky to have parents and grandparents who wanted the best for me. The memories that stand out the most were summers at my grandparents’ house in the Florida keys. My cousins and I would play all day in the grandeur that is Florida.”

In his younger years, Costello exercised his competitive edge on baseball, tennis, and football teams. “The years I spent as an athlete taught me that to be your best, you have to put in the work. I learned to treat every practice as if it were a game.” The former athlete once dreamed of playing in the MLB but said this career path was ‘never an abstract idea’ for him. What changed? What factors brought him to this industry? After graduating from high school, Costello went on to study at Valencia Community College and the University of Central Florida in Orlando. “At UCF, I was in the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon,” says Costello, “I worked as an EMT for three years in Orlando.”

Life before Imperium Elite was not clear of struggle for Pete Costello, and one could say that the battles are what create influential leaders. “When I was 18, I fractured my back in a car accident,” says Costello, “It took years of rehabilitation and hard work to get myself back to 100%. I’ll never forget the experience of waking up in a helicopter on the way to the hospital at such a young age. I was thrust into the real world, and I quickly learned that none of us are invincible. I know now that we can persevere through any hurdle life puts in our way. I developed an intense focus on my goals. Something I have learned being in this business is to make short term, midterm, and long term goals for myself. I then tackle those goals with an eye towards the future.”

In December of 2019, Pete Costello joined the Imperium Elite team, and in the few months that he has been with us, he has shown a level of understanding of the field that cannot be taught. “I value the connections I make with customers,” says Costello, “I take a genuine interest in the lives of our customers. I truly believe there is a benefit to our product for each of them. I love spending my days meeting the people of Houston.”

When he walked into the office that very first day, Pete Costello knew he was where he needed to be. “I immediately noticed the high energy and structure of the office,” says Costello, “Adam McNally, the company’s CEO, runs Imperium Elite like a well-oiled machine. Everyone here genuinely wants to get better daily. We value a student mentality; there are always avenues through which we can learn and get better.”

“I believe leadership and drive must be daily practices to succeed in this business,” says Costello, “You have to go 100% all the time to reach the heights that will fulfill your dreams. Never let the little things bring you down, both personally and professionally. The harsh reality is that you are not going to win the lottery; hard work is the only way to gain success.”

In five years, Pete Costello will inevitably be leading at the top of the industry. His goal is to one day oversee his own office location for our client, inspiring others in the way that he has been. “I am motivated by the opportunity to help others receive the same opportunity I have.”

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